Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the website of the Convention on the Constitution.

The Convention is a new venture in participative democracy in Ireland tasked with considering certain aspects of the Constitution to ensure that it is fully equipped for the 21st Century and making recommendations to the Oireachtas on future amendments to be put to the people in referendums.

The Convention is a decision-making forum of 100 people, made up of 66 citizens, randomly selected and broadly representative of Irish society; 33 parliamentarians, nominated by their respective political parties and including an elected representative from each of the political parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly which accepted an invitation from the Government; and myself as independent Chairman.

This website is designed to make participation by everyone – members of the public, interest groups, organisations and the Diaspora - as easy as possible.

It aims to be a valuable source of information about the Constitution and what’s going on at the Convention. It is also the principal means of interacting with the Convention and of making submissions and engaging through social media platforms.

The Convention operates in an inclusive and open manner with its documents and deliberations available on-line and formal plenary sessions streamed live on the web.

I would encourage everyone interested in our Constitution to follow the work of the Convention on this website. Make your views known to us. We will be listening.

It is your Constitution and only you can change it.

Tom Arnold


Deadline dates for submissions
27/11/2013 Any other Amendments
18/10/2013 Blasphemy / Other
09/09/2013 Right to Vote
TBC Electoral System
19/03/2013 Same-sex Marriage
08/02/2013 Role of Women / Women in Politics
11/01/2013 Voting Age / Presidential Term