Work Programme

The task that the Constitutional Convention has been given is set out in the Resolution of the Houses of the Oireachtas of July, 2012 and includes consideration of the following:

  • Reduction of the Presidential term of office to five years and the alignment with local and European elections;
  • Reduction of the voting age to 17;
  • Review of the Dáil electoral system;
  • Irish citizens’ right to vote at Irish Embassies in Presidential elections;
  • Provisions for same-sex marriage;
  • Amendment to the clause on the role of women in the home and encouraging greater participation of women in public life;
  • Increasing the participation of women in politics; and
  • Removal of the offence of Blasphemy from the Constitution.

Following completion of these topics the Convention may make other recommendations as it sees fit.

The Convention is to complete its work within 12 months.

Convention on the Constitution Secretariat: Art O’Leary (Secretary); Richard Holland; Nason Fallon

The Chairman of the Convention is supported by The Academic & Legal Support Group .

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